High School Gallery 


The Camp Community 

Eliana Finkel &  Avital Ely 


The Escape of the Shabbat

Noga Arieh & Jolie Feig

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Manifesting Heaven

Agam Rejwan & Joshua Lancman

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Sacred Time: Alternate Universes

Doron Finkel & Ari Komorovski


The Tree of Joyous Times and Challenging Times

Shayne Cytrynbaum & Max Cohen

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The Sacred Time of Relaxation

Bradley Griffel & Daniel Altzman 


The Timeless Moon of Rest

Maya Levine & Hannah Shmerlis 

Ari and Solomon CAD v19.jpg

Day and Night

Ari Jacobs & Solomon Langer 


Years Revolving

Cayla McKay & Abby Hodes


Carousel of Shabbat

Alex Lefkowitz & Jesse Schiffman

20_Oren and Austin sacred time main base v22_4798.jpg

Trapped by Time

Oren Goldman & Austin Colm


Prayer Reflection Piece

Moshe Frankl & Dini Rosenberg



Dassi Berry & Nava Golburgh

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Netz Ha'Chama

Esti Tratner & Shiran Shlomo & Avigail Aronov


The Land That Gives

Sara Sirote, Miriam Baalhaness, Shoshana Chulpayev, Michal Rafailov

Shevach HS


The Chuppah

Sarah Borukhhov & Hodaya Bracha Eghbali & Tamar Moskowitz & Esther Keller


Through Time 

Eitan Garzon & Meir Lanner & Yehuda Billet


The Locked Heart 

Ester Golan & Sara Kira & Rikki Farkovits 

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Tashlich - Solitude and Solidarity

Hannah Weisz & Rachel Max

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Peaceful Shabbat

Emily Maines & Brandon Sternthal

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When the Sun Rises

Sophia Spigler & Josh Raskin 


The Balance of Love

Shana Kelner & Mordechai Ross 


The Sacred Wave

Zachary Siegel & Giselle Weiss 

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7 Squared

Avi Baruch & Shmuel Woznica & Joseph Diamond

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Repeating Routine vs. Free Routine

Rose Berman & Rachel Nadelmann


River of Time

Rex Borgenicht & Jonas Wishnic


The World of Charity

Jack Spigler & Noah Hazan


The Vulnerable Mourner

Joey Askin & Yuval Krispin 

Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education 

The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 to enhance and enrich the quality of Jewish education  throughout the United States.

We believe Jewish day school graduates should be prepared to succeed in an ever-changing global society and to reach their potentials in their future careers and in life.


To that end, CIJE seeks to upgrade the technology and programs available to Jewish day schools and yeshivot so that the education these schools provide is world-class.


CIJE is unique with our “hands-on” approach. We provide extensive teacher training and support, and our CIJE liaisons, mentors and other personnel regularly visit and communicate with our beneficiary schools to make sure that the programs and technology that we provide are fully realized.


We invite you to view our program pages and learn about the exciting things we are doing to revitalize Jewish day school learning!